5th Edition of SolomonAyo’s Book Reading Competition.

Online Book Reading Competition


We gladly present the Fifth Edition of Solomonayo’s Book Reading Competition in Nigeria, Africa. The fourth edition was a massive success as more than 100 participants competed for the cash prizes. You may not be a participant then, but here is another chance at the tip of your fingers.

We are all conversant with the statement “opportunity comes but once”. However, that is not true in this case. We have had 4 previous editions and here is the fifth. You are now to make the best decision by participating in this Book Reading Competition from anywhere in the world.

This is an Online Book Reading Competition. You do not have to visit any center before you can participate.


Registration Procedure

Registration for this Book Reading Competition begins from 1st July to 30th August.  

Registration fee of a 2000 Naira ($4). For full details, contact us at

The competition itself will be held on the 22nd of October, 2022. All information will be communicated to participants

Competitors will be required to study five books that will be picked from different aspects of life. Some of which are: finances, spiritual growth, and compulsorily, a book from the Bible. The books and other kits will be sent by mail to the registered participants.


The Cash Prizes For The Winners Are As Follows:

First prize:         N300,000 ($600)

Second prize:    N200,000 ($ 400)

Third prize:       N100,000 ($200)

while the next top 3 go home with #10,000 each. That’s alluring.

Who are eligible for Solomonayo’s Book Reading Competition? As long as you are a lover of knowledge, you can register for this competition. One of the primal reasons for this Online Book Reading Competition is to resuscitate the act of Book Reading in Africa and the world at large. Nevertheless, this competition is run by a Christian establishment. That justifies why a book from the bible is included.

The Indispensable Benefits Of Participating In The Book Reading Competition?

·        A transformation and realignment of your purpose

·        More understanding of life’s principles.

·        The fun of competing with others.

·        A journey of self-discovery, passion, and life’s enhancement.

I believe you will be one of the participants this year. See you there! For payments and questions, contact us at


Frequently Asked Questions

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