Fasting And Prayer Alone Will Not Make You Succeed.


Yes, you read that well. Fasting and prayer are not automatic tickets to greatness! It ought to be a push, an added advantage, not an exchange for our laziness and over religiosity! 

Is dedication to church activities (except it's your calling) a replacement for diligence, hard work and discipline? Our salvation and Christian mandates to end within the four walls of a church? Is our salvation an exchange for poverty, want and lack? I bet it's not!

We, Christians, have, in most cases, tied the totality of our lives, especially prosperity and breakthrough round the subject called fasting and prayer. Is that all we can do?

Talking of prosperity, there are two extremes in Christianity. There are the overly passionate prosperity-preachers who only clamour on giving, seed sowing in exchange for financial breakthrough (I will address this another day but wait o dear Preacher, Is giving the only biblical principle for success existing in your Bible?), while there are also the devoted Christians who believe that humility and poverty goes together. What if he's now rich? He will be arrogant? This is simply not God's heart because Abraham was rich and humble! Poverty does not guarantee humility! 

If all we do is sit in a church's program for almost everyday of the week, who will then go out to change the world? When do you have time to invest in yourself to make impact in your generation? 
Even the Bible says 'study to show thyself approved.' We keep complaining, but who will be the orchestrator of the change if not Christians?

Fasting and prayer have their place. They are clear Christian mandates that cannot be relegated in the kingdom. However, if all we do is rigmarole around this activity with all our expectations from God, what do we want God to bless? God will not make way for you when you are ready to create a path yourself. The Bible says he will "bless the work of our hands..." "Grease our elbow..." That's if the elbow is doing something!

If all we do is continually complain about the state of the economy, who is expected to birth a change? If all we do is read the Bible, which is very good but neglects the other books, how do we function intellectually and stand out in society? 

Daniel was relevant in his days not only because he served God faithfully but also because he read the books! Even Christ was full of wisdom and understanding...gotten from where? The Bible and the books! How well do you read other books except for your Bible? Do you even study the Bible enough?

It is high time we woke up to the opportunities open to us by the Lord, which has been blinded by our ignorance, gullibility, laziness and external righteousness! (Many of us cannot trace our walk with God, we are only faithful churchgoers, twisted and tossed by the eloquence of men!) 

It is a slap for you and me to die unfulfilled. It is a waste of heaven's resources if we do not dominate our world for the Lord! Fasting and Praying are not enough! To continue this discussion, Click on the link below to watch this breathtaking video SolomonAyo. I believe you will be blessed.

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